School Project

  • Ranshet Ashram Sala, District-Palghar, Maharashtra
  • Successfully implemented between first week of June to second week of June 2017, installing 24 DC tube lights.
  • Partnership with a local NGO Grameen Pragati who played a prominent role in monitoring and feedback collection of school project.
  • Outcome: Project was enthusiastically received by teachers and students alike. Students using solar light could study for a longer duration as compared to using kerosene lamps without any irritation or pain to eyes.
  • Teachers said there is improvement in homework of students using solar light as compared to earlier using kerosene lamps.

Project Highlights

Solar Panel : 600Watts
Battery Capacity : 315Ah
Charge Controller : 90Amp
Solar DC Tube Lights : 12V DC 18Watts 4Feet Tube Light24pcs(432Watts)
Solar DC LED Bulbs : 12V DC 7Watts Bulbs 10pcs(70Watts)