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Solar Street Lights

Solar powered street lights are becoming very popular in all over the world. We offer a great selection, most of which can be used for streets, parking lots, sidewalks, parks and general area lighting. They are available with or without a pole. Solar Street Lights are very useful in rural areas where electricity not come till now. Solar street lights have an fantastic option called “dusk to dawn” by which our street light automatically ON when sun light is not there & OFF when sun light is there. This feature is placed on solar street light through the controller that is used inside. Using the latest LED technology they are very powerful and can illuminate large areas. In addition there are no bulb changes therefore maintenance is almost zero! This is often why they are a popular choice for gated communities and sub-divisions. We also offer systems that can attach to an existing pole or post so it is easier than ever to retro-fit your current lighting. Because they are not connected to the grid, our fixtures can be installed without the need of an electrician. Lowest prices and worldwide shipping available. We are offering different power capacity of solar street light such as- 4.5Watts solar street light, 9Watts solar street light, 12Watts solar street light, 18Watts solar street light, 24Watts solar street light. We are using led strips on solar street lights. We have also provide full installation of solar street light with poll, battery, solar charge controller.