Solar Street Light of 6 Watts with Solar Panel & Battery & Charge Controller with Dusk to Dawn


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Solar street lights harness energy from the sun to provide an alternative source of energy to conventional street lighting.

The system consists of a SPV Module, Luminaire in built Li ion Battery. The SPV Modules convert solar energy to electrical energy during the day, which in turn is used to charge the battery. At dusk the LED light is switched “ON” automatically and switched “OFF” at dawn. All components are weather proof and aesthetically designed. Ideal for garages, kitchen, passage, corridor, staircase, godown, etc. Low cost home-cum-streetlight. Light Equivalent to 22 W CFL.

It is ideal for street lighting, sidewalk lighting, park lighting, campus lighting, farm & ranch lighting, wildlife area lighting…



Belifal LED Array
LED Array Setting 90 Bright LEDs array
LED Power Consumption 6 Watt
LED Lifetime 50,000+ Hours
Warranty 2 year limited warranty on component and workmanship
Solar Panel
Solar Panel Rating 12V 20watts
Solar Panel Controller Belifal Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Power Optimization.
Solar Panel Stand Product comes with a customized solar panel stand which can be installed and adjusted to all direction where solar panel can absolve maximum amount of solar energy throughout the year.
Lifespan 20 – 25 years
Warranty 10 years limited warranty on component and workmanship
Battery Type Exide Battery
Operating Time 10-12 Hours/Night
Battery Capacity 12V 12Ah
Lifespan 2-3 years
Warranty 2 year limited warranty on component and workmanship
Solar Charge Controller
Automatic Dusk to Dawn Function Yes

Features & benefits

  • LED rating 2,700lm.
  • Luminaire flux 2,432lm.
  • Total wattage 20W.
  • 4000K (NW) and 6000K (CW) colour temperature.
  • IP66/IK08 rated.
  • -20 to +50°C operating temperature.
  • LED life span 50,000hrs plus.
  • Standard weight 7.8Kg.
  • Osram LED and Osram Driver.
  • Options include Nema socket, LED colour temperature and spigot size.
  • Post–top or side–entry, 34/60/76mm spigot options.
  • Aluminium die-casting housing for maximum heat dissipation.
  • Corrosion resistant polyester powder coating.
  • High impact glass (IK08) for additional protection.
  • Optimised optics for high uniformity and maximum spacing’s between columns.

Package Content

  • 6 Watts Solar Street Lights.
  • Solar Charge Controller With Dusk to Dawn Feature.
  • 12V 20Watts Solar Panel.
  • 12V 12Ah Battery Box.

Please Note That Pole & Installations Charges Will Be Extra.

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  1. 1 out of 5
    Rated 1 out of 5


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